Changing Your SEO Company

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Changing Your SEO CompanySometimes Internet Marketing client starting to understand that the results of current marketing promotion could be much better. A current SEO company can not or do not want to change this situation. And then clients starts to look for a new company, which could achieve the goals that were prohibitive for the current or uninteresting.

In this article we want to consider various options for moving from one seo-company to another. Which of them will be as safe for the site and the results achieved.


Option #1

You are absolutely transparent and trusting relationship with the current optimizer. Just his level of proficiency no longer satisfy your needs. In this case, you will find a suitable new artist, you ask him to pass optimizer links posted your site to the new. In order to place them not to cancel, links have not been in vain, and your site is kept current position.


This option is best for your site. Since the with the search engine will not notice any change. A new artist will work to achieve new goals: improving the position of the "old" key phrases, the search for and promotion of new ones. Such works require the support and cleaning of previously issued options, the purchase of new links, internal optimization and the study of web analytics.


Option #2

Do you have a good relationship with the optimizer. But he will not, or for objective reasons, can not pass the links posted on your site. In this case, you are asking him to delay or cancel the accommodation until the new Executive will try to "duplicate those links." In this embodiment, the optimizer tries to get a new link on the same grounds, which are already links to your site. Once he succeeds, the optimizer can undo the previous posting links established by it.


This option is somewhat worse for the site. Due to the fact that the new singer is not able to "duplicate" 100% reference, perhaps a little "excitement" in the standings.


Option #3

You understand that the current flow optimizer can be bad. But such a rupture is preceded by a certain number of "bells." Therefore, it would not be a surprise to you. Also, it would not be for your SEO. If your trash is compounded, he may cancel the posted links to your site without waiting for an official statement about the rupture of relations with you. In this case, at the beginning of work with a new artist links to your site can be revoked for several weeks. It will not go unnoticed for search engines. The fall of the positions is inevitable. In the recovery may take several weeks or several months.


In order to prevent such a development should advance to replace the current optimizer and ask him to begin to capture links posted in advance.


Option #4

Circumstances were such that you stop (or have already stopped) cooperation with its optimizer. And it was not a sudden decision, everything was going to. But a new artist you have not yet chosen. In this case, relax and quietly look for seo-company with which you will build a productive and trusting relationship. Since the new contractor will have to actually move your site from scratch. Of course, all the results of all previous work will not disappear without a trace. It is likely that the new seo-company needs to spend a smaller amount of work on internal optimization, copywriting and technical audit. If the contractor is not sufficiently old stepped up a lot of referential for the site, then be prepared for that period to achieve the position you are interested in the new optimizer will be at least 3-4 months.


We have considered possible a transition to another artist. Some of them are quite unfavorable to your site. Therefore, as though it may sound corny, think of the choice of SEO Experts with a great responsibility. Do not pursue "fast" moving in 1-2 months and tempting low prices. Do not let fool yourself to 2-3 months does not begin to search for a new studio for the optimization of your site.


Examine the maximum available information. Your choice should be balanced. Learn the portfolio of potential perpetrators. Call your current customers and ask a potential contractor to characterize his work.

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