SEO Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is “On-site” Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

On-site SEO is a one-time adjustment to your site, which is needed to optimize meta tags <title>, <description>, the structure of content on the site, the optimization of header text (<h1>, <h2>, <h3>), redirected pages, ensuring pages are linked accordingly, etc. Optimizing a website is a very important part of the initial SEO process. 



2. What is “Off-site” Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Off-site SEO is essential to help raise a websites ranking in search engines for chosen keywords. The result of this optimization is an increase in organic search targeted traffic and an increase in referrals and sales that come from your site. The amount of work required to improve and maintain your sites success is dependent on the results of provided monthly reports


3. What does Internet Marketing mean?

This term can represent a number of services. These can include search engine optimization, website promotion and advertising, advertising campaigns, contextual and banner advertising, custom (paid) placement of articles in popular advertising blogs and directories. Internet marketing is an ongoing process, and should constantly be done in order to maintain your websites growth in search engines as well as increasing your sites exposure to your target attendance, which in turn will create a positive image of your brand and business.


4. How much SEO will cost?

Pricing for SEO services vary greatly depending on the set of keywords that are chosen for your business. It is also important to note that for each keyword group, pricing is also based on the competiveness of the keywords and the market in which they are used. With the information provided, we will be able to estimate the value of your target keywords.


5. When can we expect results from our SEO campaign?

Before the start of your campaign, we provide you with estimated times for various milestones for your chosen keywords. Often, it takes a minimum of three to four months for results to really take effect. This will also depend on the market competitiveness for your selected keywords. However, this does not always mean that the first results of your SEO campaign will be evident at the end of the stated period. Commonly, results of your SEO campaign are graphed as follow: In the first month of your campaign, 20% of all keywords will reach top 10, in the second and third month - 20% to 50% of keywords will reach top 10, and in the fourth month - 80% -100% of your keywords be have top 10 ranking on major search engines.


6. How can I keep track of changes in my ranking?

Statistics on our client’s websites are compiled every day. Our SEO experts will notice even the slightest deviation from the planned schedule in the time-consuming and detailed process of improving your rank and quickly react to any changes in the search engines algorithms. In addition to weekly or monthly SEO reports, we can also provide you with access to daily statistics if requested.


7. What SEO techniques do you use?

We are well educated in the methods of "gray hat" and "black hat" optimization, but we do not practice or promote it. Although these methods provide faster results, it will lead to penalties from the major search engines and result in your site being blacklisted from further optimization. This may lead to losing your site ranking or even de-indexing your website from a search engine index entirely. Our marketers and copywriters work constantly on internal and external factors that can affect rankings, starting with the creation of high-quality content for your site and ending with custom promotional articles in high authoritative blogs.


8. How much does it cost to support my sites ranking once I reach top 10?

As surprising as it may seem, but the cost of maintaining a good ranking is about the same as for improving ranking. This is because the amount of work to support the already achieved results is equal to the work needed to reach the initial goal. There is also a need to monitor the actions of your competitors, and respond quickly to changes in search engine algorithms. In addition, there is a definite cost of work needed to maintain your good ranking.  These can include: creating promotional articles, social media marketing, creating backlinks and advertising on a monthly basis. Therefore, the task of maintaining rank is rarely ever lower the initial SEO campaign.


9. Which search engines should I use to promote my site?

To date, Google remains the leading search engine used in USA. Over 80% of the population turns to Google for its search needs. With numbers like that, it is clear that Google remains a top priority when it comes to choosing a search engine to optimize your website for.  Other major search engines include Yahoo! And Bing.


10. Which is better? Contextual advertising sites or search engine optimization?

Each of these methods of advertising your site has its positives and negatives. Contextual advertising allows you to start running your ads during the day, set geographical areas to target your ads, allow scheduling of ads and setting a daily budget. But with every click to your site, it will cost you. In turn, having search engine optimization done for your site brings much more tangible benefits in no earlier than a month after the start of work. Although it may take a bit more time, you will get more and more targeted visitors from day to day as opposed to doing contextual advertising. Search engine optimization and website promotion also have a longer lasting effect and will benefit you more over time. This means that even after stopping work on the site, its position in search engines will be progressively lowered, and on some key phrases, can stay on the first page. Cost must also be considered when deciding between ad campaigns and SEO.


11. What is a comprehensive website promotion?

A comprehensive site promotion is the promotion and optimization of a long list of keywords, which works to increase targeted traffic through PPC advertising campaign and web audits. This service is suitable for online retailers, web portals, and news sites especially. If you decide on a comprehensive website promotion campaign, you receive:

 - Progress reports on a large core of key words;

 - A comprehensive audit and reports of your site, including: An SEO audit, technical audit and usability report;

 - Content creation (advertising copy) for your site.

 - Advice on innovative methods of promotion to help increase your sales;


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