Website Design Features for Getting Higher Search Engine Rankings

Written by Mike Balmer on .

By utilizing the services of this professional Calgary website design company, you make sure that your business and website not only look amazing, but that it functions properly as well. When the web design is done correctly, you can expect better search engine rankings and in turn better traffic and interaction on your website. If you are looking to improve the overall quality of your website, a Calgary website design company can help provide your website some of the following key functions and features.

Too many web designers are more interested in placing graphics everywhere on your website. When you have an abundance of Java and Flash imaging throughout the website, it can not only become cumbersome to navigate, it can really be distracting to the overall visitor experience. A professional design company understands the importance of keeping it simple when it comes to the layout of your website.

The overall visual design of your website is much different from what your website looks like behind the scene. Your individual web pages are similar to spreadsheets in that they incorporate the use of tables and cells. When you use too many of each, your website becomes sluggish and hard to navigate. Let a expert in the web design field explain to you how the less tables and cells you use the better.


One of the most important features you will get from a good Calgary website design company is the utilization of all the meta fields in your websites admin. Meta tags are important for the search engines to properly identify what your website is all about. Each web page on your site should have it's own meta title, meta description, meta tags and most importantly meta keywords. These keywords help the spiders of the search engines tell the visitors what your web page is all about. A good web design company understand the importance of limiting the number of times these tags and keywords are repeated, so your not penalized for keyword stuffing.

The most important keywords pertaining to your website and each individual webpage should be placed at the top of the page as a text header. This is where the search engines first access each page, and the higher those relevant keywords are, the better for your website's overall ranking.

Professional Calgary website design companies also know that your website should never have redirects installed to send visitors to other websites or web pages. This can not only ensure you will lose visitors, it will most likely hurt your overall ranking with the search standings for your niche.

When you are satisfied that your website looks and functions like you want, take the time to run a spell check over the web pages and content of each page. This goes for the about me page, contact me page and all the custom pages regarding your company. Nothing looks more unprofessional than a website riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes. This doesn't take much time and can improve your websites performance as well.

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