Why Is SEO So Important For My Website?

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Why is SEO so important for my website


The vast majority of the traffic on the web is directed by major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. It is not uncommon for a website to receive most of its traffic from organic search results. Social media may be able to drive some traffic to a website, but most users use search engines to find what they are looking for on the web. Regardless of whether you offer products, services, information or any other form of content, SEO can greatly benefit your website.


Part of what makes search engine traffic so valuable is the fact that it is highly targeted. In other words, the visitor is already looking for what you are offering. Think of search engines as the yellow pages of the web. If your website is not listed or so far down in the search results that no one can find you, your website will be a virtual ghost town. Unfortunately, you will be missing out on some great opportunities to increase sales or readership.

A website's keywords are of great importance. Essentially, these are the words or phrases that the user searches for. Targeting the right keywords is critical and can mean the difference between failure and success. Unlike other marketing strategies, SEO brings in targeted web traffic. This can improve brand awareness, provide valuable exposure and generate revenue. Because the visitor is already looking for the products, services or information that you are offering, the return on investment that SEO provides is unmatched by other types of marketing.

Can't Search Engines Figure Out What My Website Is About Without SEO?

Search engines may be smart, but they are not quite that smart - at least not yet! Although all of the major search engines constantly strive to better their technology and improve their search results, machines do have their limits. The right SEO tactics can generate more traffic and revenue for a website. On the other hand, making the wrong decisions can damage your rankings or potentially get your website removed from the search engine's index altogether.

Not only will SEO ensure that your content is readily accessible to search engines, it will also improve your rankings and make it easier for searchers to find your website. The web is a highly competitive platform, so those who choose to implement SEO will have a major advantage over their competitors.

Do I Need To Hire Someone To Do SEO?

Do I need to hire someone to do SEOSearch engine optimization can be a complicated endeavor and search engines are constantly changing their rules. However, the basics are pretty easy to grasp and tend to remain the same regardless of any updates search engines make. Regardless of whether you plan on attempting SEO yourself or hiring a firm to do it for you, just knowing the basics can make a huge difference. Anything you want to know about SEO can be found on the web for free. There are plenty of guides, including ones like this, readily available. With a little know-how and practice, you can become an SEO guru in no time.

If you are limited on time, have a highly competitive website, or are not really interested in learning SEO, you may find it best to hire an SEO expert. A wide variety of SEO firms are available. Some cater to certain clientele or have a specialized focus, but there are many firms that offer general SEO services.

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