Why You Should Employ An SEO Company

Written by Mike Balmer on . Posted in Blog

SEO companyIf you have not yet turned your attention to hiring an SEO company to optimize your web site, and get you listed at the top of Google's search engine results pages, then here are five reasons for doing so today.

1. SEO is very cost effective. Many people think that they cannot afford to hire an SEO company to get their web site listed but, when you consider the alternatives, hiring an SEO expert can prove to be very cost effective.

While SEO means that you have to spend some money up front, and does take time to produce results, as soon as you get those results you are laughing. Once you get to the top of the search engine listings it is not too difficult to stay there, and that means an ongoing source of totally free traffic. Without SEO, you will need to pay for that traffic, through PPC programs such as Adwords, and that can be very expensive. More importantly, you have to go on paying month after month because, as soon as you stop paying, your traffic stops coming.

2. SEO will increase your traffic significantly. Just getting a page on your site listed for a single search term can result in a dramatic increase in your traffic, not just because of the listing for the particular search term you targeted, but because good SEO work will bring you additional traffic for a number of related searches. Indeed, just concentrating on getting listed for a dozen or so search terms will normally result in literally hundreds of search terms bringing you in additional traffic.

3. SEO will increase your credibility. There are few more powerful marketing tools for a business than to be recommended by a world class company, that people know and trust. Google is just such a company, with a name that everybody knows and a reputation that is just about second to none. So, when Google places your site at the top of its listing for a particular search term, people know that you are the site to go to for information about the subject in question.

4. SEO produces an excellent return on investment (ROI). It might seem logical to assume that you will get a much better conversion rate for visitors that click on a paid advertisement to get to your site, rather than clicking on a free search engine listing. However, statistics clearly show that this is not the case. Figures vary of course, depending upon a whole series of different factors, but it is not uncommon to find a conversion rate of just 1% or 2% from a paid advertisement, and a 3% to 4% conversion rate for a free listing targeting the same search term.

5. SEO can take your business to the next level. People are not stupid and they learn very quickly which are the free organic search results, and which are simply paid advertisements. More importantly, they trust the free organic results, and getting listed in the top two or three spots on the search engine results page, for even a relatively small number of search terms, can bring in hundreds, or even thousands, of free visitors every single day. A little bit of time spent on SEO can literally move your business into a whole new ball game.

If engaging the services of a professional SEO expert seems like a big step to take, then rest assured that it is also necessary if you really want your business to succeed online. You can however relax because, if you ask a few successful businesses for their experience in this area, they will tell you that bringing in an SEO expert was the smartest decision they ever made.

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