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Our team takes the load off your shoulders and provides you with SEO services that help you website rank on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo in as fast as 4 months.

Our affordable prices can start at CAD $400/month per SEO campaign though it depends on factors such as:

  • SEO history of your website
  • The state of your website SEO
  • Selected keywords and the competitiveness of the market

Let us analyze your website and we'll offer you a proposal customized to your business goals!

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You may find it surprising when you find out how many user choose Google to search for products and services that you offer. While your existing clients will probably type your company name or brand into the search bar to find you, you shouldn't forget that there are thousands of potential customers who don't even know about your business. These potential customers will search for what they are looking for using generic keywords like "flower delivery", "dentist in Toronto" or "buy laptop desk".

Organic SEO


Organic SEO services

The process of optimization of your website for highly competitive keywords that prospective customers will search for. These keywords then become more visible on search engines and will start ranking on the top 10 of search results.


1.Affordability when compared to PPC

2.Higher CTR (Click-Through-Rate)

3.24/7 visibility on the front page

4.More trusted results





What we will do for you?

1. Free initial talking to understand what your business is about, what your SEO history is about and how we can benefit you.

2. Free Keywords analyze. Right choice of keywords is one the most important steps of SEO campaign. Wrong keywords can ruin all your SEO hope by not providing you any traffic even with high search engine ranking. We will analyze your niche and provide you a list of the most competitive and related keywords to your business for your SEO campaign that will bring you the most targeted traffic with a low bounce rate. With that out knowledgeable and attentive account manager will discuss the list of keywords with you to make sure it is fit enough to your business goals.

3. Complete website review. Our highly educated and experienced SEO specialist will conduct an overview of all potential issues which are negatively affecting your website and offer our recommendations for improving targeting, user experience, content and search friendliness.

4. On-site optimization: On-site optimization, better known as website optimization, is done by creating a search engine friendly, neatly coded website and adding content based on related keywords as well as integrating all SEO elements. At NeueSEO we will thoroughly work through each step to fully optimize your website.

5. Off-site optimization.

6. Reporting. Every month we will provide you detailed backlinks and ranking reports as well as explain how is your campaign going, what were done in previous month and what we are going to do in next month in order to reach best ranking for your website.

How Are We Different From Other SEO Companies?


Performance Based SEO

Top Notch Techniques

Pay Only For Results

You Can Trust


Search Engines We Optimize For

Our SEO Services work for Google, Yahoo and Bing

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