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A Usability audit is used to identify the inefficiencies of a website that can cause problems for users when they interact with the site, and provides possible ways to solve the problems detected.

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Who Needs a Usability Audit?

Any organization that wishes to improve the efficiency of their sites and increase the income earned can use a usability audit. Usability audits are for companies that are planning to invest in Internet marketing. To increase the return on investments, it is usually necessary to modernize the website while also taking into account the objectives and business model of the company.

For example, after an audit, the website may increase the conversion rate from 0.8% to 2%, thus doubling sales and helping the marketing budget.


Some examples of common mistakes in usability:

  • A confusing or illogical main navigation
  • Invalid placement and formatting of text
  • A lack of structure for the site
  • Hidden contact information
  • No obvious feedback mechanism, or option to make a purchase

All of the above mentioned and many other errors prevent a user from navigating the website with relative ease, which leads to an inefficient use of advertising money.


The Stages of a Usability Audit

  • Form a list of errors in the interface of the site based on a comprehensive analysis of the site
  • Presentation of possible solutions

The results will be outlined in a detailed audit report containing a list of all the deficiencies identified from the site. The goal is to allow users of the site to perform basic tasks with ease. The report will contain necessary descriptions of possible ways to overcome the inefficiencies.


A Usability Audit is Just the Beginning

The mere knowledge of a site’s shortcomings does not give any advantage over competitors. This knowledge should be used to improve performance. A usability audit is only the first step in improving the site and user loyalty. The second step is to implement the changes proposed in the final report.


Cost and Time for an Audit

The cost for an analysis of a site’s usability depends on the complexity of the project and the amount of work needed. The initial cost of an audit is $170.00, but can be lowered if a complete SEO service package, offered by our company, is also purchased. The average time frame to perform a usability audit is 1-3 weeks.

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